International Calling Cards from Japan to Overseas

flagHow to Call Overseas from au with Aicom Pair, Aicom 100

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dial to access number

  • Aicom Pair
  • 0053 4905
  • Aicom 100
  • 0053 49088
    • If you use this free access number, you just charge your card no charge au rate.
    • If the overseas telephone number you wish to call begins with 0, do not include the 0 when dialing. (There may be some exceptions.)
    • Also You can use 0053-4905 free access number.
    • If you use 00531-008-304 number, you need to dial country code and overseas telephone number each time.

    Dial 10 card id and #

    例) 012 345 6789 #
    • Please slowly scratch off your card ID.

    Select guidance language

    1,Japanese 2, Korean 3, Chinese 4, English 5, Thai

    Connection is made

    Your connection is made after announce max calling minutes

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    How to skip dial card ID.
    Dial card ID + # +*
    You can skip to dial card ID next time.
    How to call one step calling.
    You can call one step after you input address book in mobile phone for 0053-4905 + country code + telephone number.
    How to call good rate to Japan from Japan mobile
    • Call to Japan mobile phone from Japan mobile is 29 yen/min (Caller ID is OK)
    • Call to Japan fixed phone from Japan mobile is 19.8 yen/min (Caller ID is NG)
    • How to call to Japan from Japan mobile?
    • 0053-4905 080-XXXX-XXXX
    • 0053-4905 03-XXXX-XXXX

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