International Calling Cards from Japan to Overseas

flagSales condition for our calling cards

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  • 1, Shipping and Calling Card Cost
    Shipping and calling card for 0 yen balance is free.
    You do not need to return your calling card after you are done with paid it.
  • 2, Date of shipment
    We will send you calling card next weekday without Saturday,Sunday
    holidays after your order day.
    As the case may be, We will send you calling card order date.
    Calling card company or our site staff wiil send you calling card by regular mail.
  • 3, How can I pay convenience stores ?
    Authorized convenience stores in Japan :
    LAWSON, FamilyMart, Sunkus, Circle K, MINISTOP, ThreeF
    * You can get receipt in payment convenience stores in Japan.
  • 4, What is rechargeable calling card ?
    You can pay calling card as many times as you wish.
  • 5, When can I pay calling card ?
    You need to pay a calling card for a period up to 14 days
    after you received calling card.
    *Without Aicom Pair introductory card.
    *If you did not pay calling card within 14 days
    You need to return calling card kit by you paid shipping cost.
    *If you lost calling card after you did not pay calling card within 14 days
    We will charge you about 1,000 yen for shipping and calling card kit cost.
    * Absolutely no refunds

The sale of calling cards is discontinued for some reasons.