International Calling Cards from Japan to Overseas

flagFAQs for Calling Cards and Phone Cards in Japan

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1, Common Questions

Does my card expire?
Thease calling cards is valid for 1 year for last payment.
Compare expire each calling cards
Do you have calling card for less than 5,000 yen ?
No, we have calling cards for 5,000 yen and 10,000 yen.
How to order and shipping ?
You can order a calling card for 24 hours a day over the Internet from home or office
And we will send you a calling card for a week by surface mail.
Order Now for Calling Card
What should I do if I lose my card ?
We are sorry, We do not new copy of your card.
Can I order by Japan mobile phone ?
Yes, But you need to read Japanese.
Can I use mobile phone and home phone by a calling card ?
Yes, you can use mobile phone and home phone by a calling card.
But you can not simultaneous conversations telephone calls.

2, How to Pay

How do I pay and rechargeable my card?
You can pay Lawson, Famly mart, Sunkus, Circle K, Ministop, ThreeF in Japan
* When you get calling card for \0 balance, you need to pay a calling card
for a period up to 14 days
* You can not change the payment amount to recharge my card.
* If you can not use your calling card after the payment 30 minutes, Please ask customer support center.
How to pay for Lawson or Family Mart ?
How to pay for Lawson ?
How to pay for Family Mart
How to pay for Sunkus, Circle K, Ministop, ThreeF ?
You give the card to the store staff and say
“Sumaato Pitto no oshiharai”
The store staff will scan the bar code and you can make the payment and make a call to overseas.
Search for near convenience stores
LawsonFamily Mart | Sunkus/Circle KMinistopThree F
Can I pay for Bank or Post office or credit cards ?
We are sorry, you can just pay convenience stores in Japan.
Can I pay for 0 balance calling card self ?
No, You can get free for 0 balance a calling card.
Can I pay for Overseas ?
No, You can just pay in Japan.But If your family and friend stay in Japan,
They can pay for just Smartpit 13 number in Japan’s Lawson or FamilyMart.

3, Speech Quality

How does speech quality ?
The calling card compay choose better international lines for best one can do.
If you find trouble,Please ask customer support center.
Can I get a refund ?
We are sorry, we allow no refund.

4, Cost of a International Calls

What is different form toll free number and non free ?
Please go to the below web link.
Toll-Free and Non-Free
Can I check card balance ?
When you call international calls. you can check your card balance
every times for listening automated voice for maximum talking minutes.
When I call to international call, Can my intended party charge incoming call ?
That depends. Please ask your intended party.

5, Useful Functions

Can I get detailed telephone bill ?
No, you can not.
Can I get receipt ?
Yes, Please ask store staff in convenience stores.
Can I use International SMS ?
Yes,Please go to the below web link.
Compare Internationl Short Message Service
Can I give my intended party to caller ID ?
No, you can not.

6, Others

Which is cheaper calling cards ?
We are sorry, we do not recommend. Because we do not know your priorities
for rates, useful functions, etc.
Compare Useful functions and Service
Show me for Overall Points ?
We value docomo rates.
How to cancel a contract ?
You do not need to cancel contract. But we think it would be a waster,
we recommend to finish up

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